12553043_10153930676518385_2696329253280531300_n“I woke up this morning, with such a strong urgent Word in my spirit!”

JESUS did not come to this earth to lead a “religious revolt.”
The Father did not pay the ultimate price, by giving His Son, His Spirit, His Throne, Angels, and in doing so, giving everything of Himself, …purely for us to be or become a religious people with – “so called good morals and doing good deeds.”
All and everything in The Divine Trinity’s Heart was propelled by Love and Salvation for a complete and total lost human race…
To restore the prodigals to our Abba Father again!
In one word!! Most powerful word! …
JESUS became  ( John 14: 6-7)  the only Door, the only Way, …and that WILL not change until the day of our Glorious Bridegrooms return! Soon!!!

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