12321237_10153930187928385_3857842529768742655_nEvery single human is completely Loved by CHRIST! HE cannot love us more than HE already does. Complete Love is poured out on us!
We are accepted, adopted and we are sons of the Most High! HE became sin for us! What HE came to do on the Cross and Resurrection is done… and finished!
How we respond to HIS Love is entirely up to us. We respond through true repentance.
We can not love CHRIST, or the FATHER, or the HOLY SPIRIT without faith.
Faith is what pleases God! Not feeling! Not emotions!
Obedience is better than any sacrifice!!!
It is impossible to come to GOD without faith!
Only when we have FAITH in HIM, we can LOVE HIM!
Love only becomes a action when we believe HIM!
Please read: Heb 11:6 and Ephesians 2:8-9

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