His Ministry

Julius is an evangelist at heart and music and worship is a major part of the message that Julius brings, and at times is the message. Julius’ heart is not merely to sing a song, perform or to entertain. His driving force is to see people truly meet with their Saviour and come to know Jesus Christ in a more personal and intimate way. The family and family values are of great importance to Julius, it is his desire and joy to see families restored and healed by the Lord as they open the door to, and seek the voice of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

Julius spends much of his preparation time at the feet of the Lord and its there that the Holy Spirit speaks to Him, during these times of intimacy in worship. He believes a heart that is surrendered to the Lord, is a heart that will seek the presence of the Lord. His worship can therefore best be described as “free flow” or “new worship”. A distinct characteristic of Julius ministry is the spontaneity as he relies on the Holy Spirit, often most of Julius’ ministry of worship /song is completely unplanned and unrehearsed. Not knowing where he is going makes him so much more dependent and reliant on the Lord and His Holy Spirit. Julius is driven, in ministry to find the song from the Fathers heart.

Each ministry is exciting and unique as he relies on the creativity of the Holy Spirit. For many, the result of Julius being totally spirit led is life changing. Many of Julius’ passionate worship songs are birthed during ministry as he yields to and hears from the Fathers heart.

An element of faith is most certainly required for true worship and is just as essential in Julius’ unpredictable, unconventional style of worship. Worship is not the way you play an instrument or sing, or even what you sing, it’s the way you touch God. This is all too true in Julius’ form of worship and ministry, as it’s his constant desire to touch the Fathers heart through intimate worship. As Julius ministers to the Lord through his simple songs and passionate worship – lives are so often radically changed by the power of God’s presence – and no man can ever take the glory for that.

Julius doesn’t often do traditional Christian songs, he believes that God desires and loves to hear from His children in their own personal expression of worship to Him. During Julius’ worship and ministry, it’s his desire to create an atmosphere or sound that will usher in the presence of the Lord that will ultimately reach the unreachable and touch the untouchable.

Julius has been given a gift, which he expresses in spontaneous worship that takes the hearer into the presence of the Lord, and it is there that healing and restoration begin.

Lives must change in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ otherwise all is done in vain.

It is not easy to classify Julius’ style of music or worship, apart from saying it is uniquely his own, ultimately it is pure worship.

After all, Christ is Love! He is Life!!

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